Cedar Fair & BGSU

Cedar Fair and Bowling Green State University have come together to create a new Resort
and Attraction Management School in downtown Sandusky. A new 78,030 SF mixed-use
development is transforming a vacant lot into the home of this exciting new program.
The development includes an academic facility, faculty and administrative space,
student-serving retail, generous common area, and residential apartments.

It’s a long-term investment in the community Cedar Fair is proud to call home

Sandusky, Ohio (VIEW MAP)
Mixed-Use Development
78,030 Total SF
12,753 SF Academic Facility
2,882 SF Residential Lobby and Community Space
56,696 SF of Residential
1,496 SF Student-Serving Retail
1,203 SF Mixed-Use Shared Space

56 Student Classrooms
Faculty and Administrative Space
Generous Common Area
44 Two-Bedroom Units
36 Studio Units
32 On-Site Parking Spaces